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Together we're starting to have better conversations about bringing the Lean Startup mindset into larger organizations. We host events with large enterprise guest speakers, interactive forums and of course a few cold drinks!
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Some of the #LeanEnterpriseTO speakers we've teamed up with include:

  • Globe And Mail Canada
  • Shopify Canada
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Telus
  • Value Proposition Book
  • PWC
  • Mondelez International Canada
Next Workshop / March 31st, 2015
PRIVATE: Lean Enterprise Toronto Workshop
(Now Accepting Applications)
Past Events
  • 0Lean Brand + PwC Innovation
    Episode 6
    Lean Brand + PwC Innovation
  • 0Globe & Mail + VP Design
    Episode 5
    Globe & Mail + VP Design
  • 0Mondelez formerly Kraft Foods
    Episode 4
    Mondelez formerly Kraft Foods
  • 0Startup Acquisition Panel
    Episode 3
    Startup Acquisition Panel
  • 0Telus Digital Innovation
    Episode 2
    Telus Digital Innovation
  • 0RBC Thought Leadership
    Episode 1
    RBC Thought Leadership
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